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14/04/2019 - Shoot Summary


Couple of bits of important information, we have had the lambing dates confirmed, we miss 2 shoots this time.





This means that the club away day to Coniston will be either 27/04/2019 or 11/05/2019 depending upon availability of transport etc. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for more details. Coach seats are limited and are usually circa. £20 pp.


Great turnout this week despite it being the hardest shoot in living memory…. Very cold and windy though which was making the clays do some crazy things. After putting my big coat away after the last shoot I was forced to bring it out, dust off the mothballs and don it once again.




Stand 1 – Forced Pair of Left-Right Crossers

A great pair of birds, the break point was over to the right making them more of an away bird than a crosser, they should have been easy enough but there was something going on with the wind that left many of you shaking your head muttering why…


Stand 2 – Fast Low Away Bird followed OR by Slow Incoming Bird

The way bird flew like the wind, fast and low it was lost in the backdrop of Diggle/Lark Hill if you left it too long. The best approach seemed to be get on it fast and don’t think too much about it. The incomer was much friendlier, coming in from the bottom of the field before peaking and hanging in the air just right of the stand; a lovely bird which I think most of you were able to hit.


Stand 3 – Fast Low Right-Left Crosser followed OR by Slow Left Right Crosser

Another bogey bird this first horror story, my god it was fast; the strong tail wind serving to both add pace and flatten it down quickly. The second again much easier as it was into the wind making it much slower and causing it to hang in the air off to the right, there were a lot of 5’s scored on this stand…..


Stand 4 – Fast Away Rabbit followed OR by Long Incoming Looper

Tom Oliver should not be let out to set up stands, he’s a menace and obviously a sociopath. The rabbit was turbo powered and edge-on the way to break it was to pull the trigger as you called pull; actually, this worked pretty well as a tactic, The 2nd bird was equally horrendous, huge looper from way out again presented edge on; this was a card-wrecking stand for most of you as it was hard to read. The wind greatly affecting it’s flight path, if you were lucky it came straight to the stand but for those unfortunates amongst us (most of us) it came way over to the left which was much much harder.


Stand 5 – Fast Curling Away Bird followed OR by Steep Slow Away Bird

The gully provided some respite from the difficult birds elsewhere, the first off the right shoulder whilst being quite fast wasn’t too difficult providing you shot it fairly quickly. The 2nd from behind the left shoulder again stalled in the wind and sat perfectly up high and left of the stand, I believe they call these “sitters”.


Personal bests this week:

Christopher Dummett 19/50


Top Guns this week:


Tom Oliver 45/50

Whilst it’s true Tom put in a 45 you shouldn’t feel like you did badly, a good score today was mid 30’s; if you got near this mark you’re a winner in my book. 

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